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Finding money: Do you have a valuable item to sell?

If you've been eyeing books, jewelry, and other items in your house and wondering how much they're worth, appraiser Kate Waterhouse and TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky are here to help, explaining which things in your home might sell well.

We all have things that we suspect may hold value ...but how much?

Is your grandfather's old watch worth something? How about that antique lamp?

Let  TODAY's Jean Chatzky know what is hiding in your closet or attic. Send us a short description and a photo. If we select your item, we will get it appraised.  We may even display your item in a future broadcast.

If you’re interested in being a part of this project, please e-mail us here. Please give us some details, including where you live, what item you are looking to sell and how to best reach you. Selected responses will be used in upcoming stories.