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Avoid retail traps and shop like a Lucky mag pro

Lucky mag Contributing Style Editor Lori Bergamotto shared with TODAY her savvy shopping tips.

Lori Bergamotto knows all the secrets to avoiding retail shenanigans and shopping like a pro. So, after her segment on the TODAY show, this Lucky mag Contributing Style Editor joined TODAY Money readers in a fun online live chat share her secrets.

Lori dished all the details, like store layouts set up to ensnare you in their shopping "lair," the number one best days for shopping sales, and, most importantly, how recently she got a pair of $875 leopard print D&G shoes for only $225.

TODAY: Lori, let's talk about another retailer trick - "sales" and "promos" that really aren't - what's up with that?

BERGAMOTTO: So, a sale is an item that is discounted from its original price right? A shirt that retails for $40 down to $20. Great sale. A promo, however, can be tricky. Allow me to explain.

TODAY: By all means :)

BERGAMOTTO: In a promo, you might see 2 for $20. If a shirt costs $15 retail and you're getting the other for another $5--great deal! If, however, the shirt retails for $12/each, that's not great savings. And, you've now just spent more to get another shirt you might not even need. At Lucky we always talk about having a personal fashion calculator. So, know what you need and what you're willing to spend.


Retail stores have figured out shopping patterns of the average consumer and use the information to plot their displays and sales, but you don't have to fall for their tricks. Lori Bergamotto of Lucky magazine reveals the tricks of the trade.