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Speak up for your consumer rights

Janice Lieberman is TODAY's consumer reporter.

How do you fight for your rights as a consumer when you get into a bad sales situation? What’s the ethical thing to do, and what gets results? Sometimes the two are at odds! For insight, TODAY's Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman joined us in a fun live online reader chat and responded to questions and comments you left on our Facebook wall.

TODAY: Janice - what's your personal worst bad customer service story? What did you do to fight back?

JANICE: My husband and I just celebrated our anniversary at a pricey restaurant. We felt we were rushed by the waiters so they could turn our table. We wrote a nice note explaining why we were not happy. They invited us back for dinner on them!

TODAY: That's great! Most people would probably just have gone home grumbling, or left a bad review on Yelp. So it's necessary to speak up to the key decision maker if you want to get satisfaction?

JANICE: I think that is what they were afraid of. They would rather hear it from you and be given the chance to rectify a bad experience. It always pays to "try" to get your comments to the right person.