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Experts pick the best ads of the Super Bowl

This ad aired during the first quarter of Super Bowl XLVII

More than just a contest of athletic might and coaching prowess, the Super Bowl is a test of the of the gladiators of advertising, and last night's was no exception. TODAY experts Donny Deutsch of Deutsch, Inc., Matt Miller of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers, and Laura Petrecca of USA Today weighed in with their picks for the best, the most strategic... and those that had less juice than the Superdome during a thirty-minute power outage.

When the lights were off during the outage, the broadcaster CBS didn't use any of the big budget ads slated to air, but CBS said they would honor their commitments to advertisers who paid an average of $4 million for a 30-second ad hit.

USA Today ran an ad meter that let viewers vote and rank their favorite ads and it generated some interesting results.

Budweiser: "Brotherhood"

This ad aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII.

Deutsch called it, "A huge story well told"

Tide: "Miracle Stain"


This ad aired during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVII.


"It's kind of just a wow during the game and it's not a car, not a technology," Deutsch said.

Dodge: "Farmers"


This ad aired during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVII.

Chatter about this really exploded on Twitter and Facebook during the game.

Petrecca said "The imagery really stood out, great use of Americana."

Deutsch's take was, "It's the same formula as the Chrysler ad [from last year],... you co-opt an essence and own it. You own what's great about farmers, and put it on a car."

Miller said, "There was a little bit of blowback because the brand took an existing piece of art."

Doritos: "Fashionista Daddy"


This ad aired during the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVII.


Petrecca judged it: "Great funny punchline, they really nailed the consumer-created ad."

Jeep - "Whole Again"

This ad aired during the halftime of Super Bowl XLVII.

Deutsch: "I have an issue with this... it feels a bit exploitivive. Jeep with its heirtage in the military, to copt and own it, felt exploitive."

Miller: "We can all relate - too hard too strong - it is authentic."

Deutsch: "But you're selling a car."

Miller: "I thought it could have gone to bigger places, felt like it could have done something core to the brand."

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Reuters contributed to this report.