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Expert on why Super Bowl ads are going social

Scott Smith, Account Director Social@Ogilvy at the Ogilvy & Mather ad agency in Chicago

In all the Super Bowl ad "leaks" and "teasers" getting pushed out before the big game Sunday, the one thing that stands out is how many Super Bowl advertisers are trying to tap the power of social media to amplify their advertising dollars.

With all the hashtag fights, online voting, drawing script ideas from user tweets, fan videos and pictures making it into the Super Bowl ads, you start to wonder whether the ads during the game itself matter anymore. At an average of $3.7 million for a 30-second shot at fame, advertisers are putting earnest money down betting that they are. From the legendary Ogilvy & Mather ad agency, Scott Smith, Account Director at Social@Ogilvy, joined TODAY viewers in a live online chat to break it all down and share his top Super Bowl ad picks this year.

TODAY: Scott, this year advertisers seem to really be trying to push the social media component of their ads, although perhaps the key word is "trying." Is the attitude among Super Bowl advertisers 2013 "go viral or go home?"

SMITH:  In the same way that we saw the presidential election as the first real socially-driven election and the Olympics as the first socially-driven Olympics, the 2013 Super Bowl seems to be the first socially-driven Super Bowl.

Question from viewer Ken: Does previewing a full ad online before the game diminish the message of the ad?

SMITH: I don't think it diminishes the message. If anything, it gives the advertiser some immediate feedback they can use to inform their in-game social strategy.