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How Brit Morin prints her own 3D Christmas gifts

Brit Morin shares her fun DIY ideas for crafting your own holiday gifts and entertainment.

Looking for cool DIY ideas for making the holiday spirit bright around your home, and under the tree? Brit + Co founder Brit Morin, "the digital Martha Stewart," joined TODAY Money fans for a fun live chat where she shared her tips and tricks and fielded questions from the audience.

TODAY MoneyYou must be very busy running your own startup, what projects personally have you carved out time to do this holiday season?

BritMy current obsession is 3D printing. It's the newest trend that lies at the intersection of tech and DIY. With a 3D printer, you can create any sort of physical product (a vase, jewelry, a toy, etc) and literally PRINT it in plastic right in front of you. It's kind of mind blowing, but I've recently been loaned one by Cubify.com and am using it to print my own phone cases and jewelry over the holidays. In the next few years, it's feasible that we will all have one of these sitting next to our computers. The prices are due to come down to $100-$200 -- cheaper than a smartphone! Can you imagine creating your kids new action figures and dolls with the click of the button? It's bonkers!