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Black Friday door-buster deals worth camping out for

From Florida to California, Black Friday fever has taken hold earlier than ever as dedicated shoppers camp out in front of major retailers, several of which are expected to open their doors on Thanksgiving Day. NBC's Diana Alvear reports.

From Los Angeles to Tampa, shoppers are already camping out in front of big-box retailers, determined to be among the first in line for door-buster deals. 

In Los Angeles, some hardcore consumers have been in line since last Monday, even taking vacation from work in order to save big money. 

An estimated 147 million Americans will take advantage of Black Friday sales, 4 percent more than last year. 

"This year's the earliest I've seen people line up,” said Jeff Cox, the Best Buy manager at a Best Buy store in Los Angeles. “I’m astonished. I've never seen that in my history in retail." 

Why would a person spend 10 days camping out in front of a store? Are the deals really that good? 

"People are like, why come, make a line. You're not saving that much. But we actually are," said Miriam Santamaria, who is proudly first in line at the Best Buy. 

By Friday morning, managers at the L.A. Beat Buy are expecting up to 5,000 people. That explains why Miriam says the worst part about Black Friday is getting out of the parking lot. 

In Tampa, shoppers starting waiting in line over the weekend at a Best Buy, hoping to get their hands on heavily discounted flat-screen TVs and computers. 

Good things come to those who wait. But this may be taking it too far.