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Magic 8 Ball vs. Lite-Brite: Toys vie for hall of fame

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Little green army men are among contenders for this year's National Toy Hall of Fame.

The National Toy Hall of Fame will induct two new toys into its august pantheon Thursday, and toy chests across the nation are rocking with anticipation.

Twelve finalists made the cut, including the Magic 8 Ball and Fisher-Price Corn Popper. Only two will emerge as the new kings of the play room. Based on an online poll, Star Wars action figures and "little green army men" - yes, all of them - are favored to win among consumers. 

The other toys vying for glory are Clue, Dominoes, Lite-Brite, Pogo Stick, Sidewalk Chalk, Simon, the tea set, and Twister.

It's a tough field, almost as gripping as 2008 when the Hall anointed "the stick" its newest inductee. Giggle away, but with a touch of child's imagination, the lowly wooden rod can become a Harry Potter wand, a ship's mast, or a banner-holder. That's why kids have been playing with them ever since the caveman days when they were the only toys around.

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No doubt the Magic 8-ball has been shaking itself all day and asking itself whether it will get the honor. At the moment, the answer is "Cannot predict now."

What do you think?

Of the 12 finalists, which toy on the list should make it into the National Toy Hall of Fame this year? Give us your choice and why below.


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