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Stay connected when working from home, expert advises

Workplace expert Ellen Galinsky joined us for a live web chat Wednesday to answer your questions about flexible work hours and other issues related to “workflex.”

Ellen Galinsky is founder of the Families and Work Institute -- a nonprofit workplace think tank.

Here’s one of Ellen’s answers to a question from the live chat. (See below for the full Q&A.)

Elliot asked:

“I work from home, mostly. I feel a little out of touch with the office culture. How do I remedy that?”

Ellen replied:

“Thanks for your question Elliot. There are ways to stay connected even when working from home. If you take time to call or schedule some time to work out of the office you can make the effort to chat with coworkers and stay in touch both personally and professionally. If you check out our new free guide on 'workflex' you can find plenty of ideas on how to make that work.”

You can continue the conversation with Ellen and the Families and Work Institute on Twitter here.

Here’s the full chat archive: