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There will - no there won't - be a bacon shortage

For bacon lovers, it’s been a complicated week.

First came the news that there was going to be a bacon shortage – followed closely by a debunking of the rumor that bacon lovers would have to do without their beloved meat.

Life Inc. readers reacted with a mixture of humor and horror to the original news that bacon might become scarce. The scare was started by the U.K’s National Pig Association, which predicted a shortage because of droughts.

“Forget the fiscal cliff...this is an emergency,” one reader declared.

Other readers noted that we could perhaps stand to do with a little less of the fatty, salty meat in our diets.

“Terrible, now we will just have to live longer,” said one.

Then, relief. Life Inc. contributor Ben Popken brought a bit of sanity to the bacon panic of 2012 with a reality check from experts who said that while prices may go up a bit, pork rationing is not in our future.

Readers were understandably frustrated by the earlier reports. Still, many bacon lovers also were relieved that they would be able to continue enjoying bacon in all its odd variations.

“Oh thank the lord and pass the bacon,” one reader said.

Others began immediately plotting the other weird and wonderful ways they can enjoy their favored meat.

“When I saw bacon donuts I thought I had seen every conceivable use for bacon and then I saw bacon ice cream! Is there no end for the use of the wonder meat?” one reader opined.