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A castle in the merry old state of Arkansas


What? No drawbridge. Well it does have pretty much everything else

Listing: 5-bedroom, 5-bath medieval castle
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Price: $14.3 million

While traveling to places like Italy and southern France, the classical architecture of old European castles fascinated one Texas couple. After four years of construction and four million pounds of stone, Joan and Bruce Johnson put their Arkansas castle on the market two weeks ago and are hoping to sell it to someone who can appreciate all of its intricate architectural detail.

Not only did they build the castle as an investment, but also as a way to showcase White River Hardwoods, an embellished hardwood moldings and hard carved woodcarvings business they founded in the mid-70s.

Joan Johnson said the mill work, the moldings, beams and columns, were the features that they were most excited about in the house. One room has 48 hand carved panels of the flora of northwest Arkansas, she said.

"When you sell a house like this, it's not so economy-centric," Joan said. "People who buy houses like this are luxury buyers and they aren't hurting."

It also helps that Fayetteville is in the northwestern part of Arkansas, an area that is home to major company headquarters such as Wal-Mart, JB Hunt and Tyson Foods.

"A lot of people think of us as the underdog and underestimate the amount of wealth we have here," said the home's real estate broker Kristen Boozman.

The castle sits on 100 acres of land and offers a 360 degree view of the city and the valley below.

"It really is a jewel on top of the mountain in the Ozarks," Joan said.

While it has a very private feeling, it's also seven minutes from all the downtown eating areas, just south of the University of Arkansas and six minutes from a private airport, she added.

Joan said she believes the home sits on "a portal of goodness," and it's "imbued with positive vibrations that affect people when they come in."

"This house carries its own weight of joy," she said.

Listing courtesy of Luxury Real Estate and Portfolio.


This space really puts the great in "great room."



Lovely kitchen. Who carved it?


The view from the top of the jewel.