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Worst boss: How dare you have a heart problem on company time?

Have you ever been harangued by your boss while being taken to the hospital in an ambulance? Asked to fire a worker who was disabled because the position called for standing up?

If the answer is “no,” then apparently you don’t have the worst boss in the world.

Earlier this summer, Working America, a union-backed website, invited readers to submit their worst “bad boss story,” and ended up with some zingers.

The "people’s choice" winner details the tribulations of a coffee shop worker who was being taken by ambulance to the hospital for heart problems and had to field several telephone calls from the boss, "specifically harassing me about how my health problems were causing scheduling problems for the business."

Bonus: The employer later eliminated the worker's health insurance and then expressed surprise when he or she quit. (The winning stories were published anonymously.)

Working America’s staff picked as its winner the tale of a person whose team was forced to work standing up after the boss took away their chairs. The worker was then asked to fire a disabled worker because she couldn’t stand up.

Are you dealing with a bad boss? Check out these tips from msnbc.com’s Eve Tahmincioglu for how to handle a bad boss, or read — and share — your bad boss stories here.

We especially like a story from one of our own readers who tells of a boss who forced him to work through his grandmother's funeral -- then took three days off when his dog died.


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