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Weak economy means more unhappy ex-workers

It's no secret the weak economy has left many people working harder, sometimes for less money, and that appears to be having a big impact on how they feel about their employers.

Nearly 8 in 10 employees who left their job this year would not recommend their former employer, a steep increase from just a few years ago.

That’s according to the Corporate Executive Board, which runs exit surveys for nearly 100 companies and has data from several thousand exiting employees.

The group found that 77 percent of departing employees surveyed through July of this year would not recommend their former employer.

In 2006, only 41 percent of department employees said they would not recommend their former employer. That percentage held pretty steady through 2008, and then began to rise sharply as the recession and weak economy wore on.

The company also found that about one out of every four employees quit their current job without knowing where they’d be going next. The company said that’s a sign that people would rather have no job than their current one.

The weak economy and high jobless rate has forced many employees to take on more responsibilities, and sometimes even accept pay or benefit cuts. Still, with the unemployment rate topping 9 percent, it's likely difficult for many people to find a new job, even if they want one.

Tip of the hat to The Wall Street Journal, which first reported this data.