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Yep, we're still mad at Netflix

YouGov BrandIndex

Here’s what happens when you announce a major change to your pricing plan, effectively hiking prices substantially for many of your customers: Those folks get angry.

Very, very angry.

And apparently, they stay that way.

In the days since announcing major pricing and plan changes, Netflix went from being the most beloved movie and TV rental company to being the most hated among its major competitors. That’s according to new data from YouGov BrandIndex, which interviews about 5,000 people a day on their perceptions of various brands.

The video-by-mail company has since rebounded a bit, but it’s still scraping along the bottom of the pack. It’s joined in negative perception territory by Blockbuster, which has tried to capitalize on Netflix’s pain with a campaign aimed at winning over Netflix customers.

Redbox, which rents DVD from kiosks outside convenience stores and the like, has seen a popularity boost as a result of Netflix’s actions.

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