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A boss button for the Facebook generation

It’s the Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend, which is the perfect time to peruse Facebook – err, finish those important reports!!

A new website, aptly called Hardlywork.in, lets you disguise your Facebook posts as an Excel spreadsheet.

It’s a lot like those good old boss buttons, which have been used for ages to help sports fanatics hide their secret obsession with March Madness and the like.

The difference is that this particularly faux spreadsheet is pretty useful, allowing you to actually see what your Facebook friends are writing and click on the links they've posted, etc.

Yale computer science major Bay Gross, 20, came up with the idea after a friend said she couldn't read Facebook during her internship, according to the Huffington Post.

The site launched on Sunday and is already keeping an estimated 10,000 unique users a day from doing their work, Gross said in an e-mail to msnbc.com.