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Good Graph Friday: Lifestyle changes due to higher gas


As gas prices rise, more than half of Americans say they have made changes to their lifestyle, according to a new Gallup poll.

The most common adjustment: driving less.

Nearly 67 percent of Americans say the cost of fuel has caused financial hardships in their households (shown in the graph above). Low-income Americans are most likely to say rising prices are causing financial hardships.

The poll, conducted May 12-15, found that among the 53 percent of Americans who report having made major lifestyle changes, 16 percent are cutting back on vacation travel, 15 percent are being more careful in planning errands and local trips, and 15 percent have either purchased a more fuel-efficient vehicle or are considering it. Smaller segments report doing less "leisure driving," more carpooling, using public transportation, walking more, biking more and driving more slowly.

Twelve percent of those making major changes say they are cutting back on groceries, clothes and other expenses to absorb the higher fuel costs.

Are you making any changes to your lifestyle? Please leave your comments below.