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Share your job interview disaster stories

Economists expect the nation's unemployment rate to ease to 7.7 percent by late next year from the current rate of 8.8 percent, The Wall Street Journal reported today.

Improvement, for sure, but most economists don't predict the unemployment rate to return to 5.4 percent — the level considered to reflect full employment — until 2015 at the earliest, the Journal said.

In other words, this recovery will continue to be a long, hard slog.

If you are one of the millions of Americans out of work, submitting resume after resume, bouncing from one interview to the next, you know how discouraging news like this can be. A little humor, such as a visit to the website Bad Job Interviews, might be what you need to help ease the frustration.

The site's creator, Jon Allen, was inspired to help people share their stories of disastrous interviews after he learned that a job he interviewed for did not exist at all. The interviewer was just practicing.

"That was a bit frustrating," says Allen, who hopes some of the stories on his site can lead to a "at least my last job interview wasn't as bad as that" reaction from visitors.

On why you shouldn't bring a child to an interview:

"Place I used to work at was interviewing a lady, and the police came in looking for someone that had left their small child in a car. Turned out, it was the lady being interviewed. She didn’t get to finish that interview…"

On getting too friendly with your interviewer:

"Today, I had a job interview. I have a nervous tendency to rub my foot against the bar under the table. After the interview I noticed I had been rubbing my foot against the interviewer’s leg."

Got a bad job interview story of your own to share? We'd love to here it.