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Good Graph Friday: What the NFL teaches us about work

Business Insider

Is it better to cultivate your employees in-house or just steal them from the competition?

Perhaps the National Football League can shed some light on that age-old question.

A new graphic from Business Insider finds that about half of the players on the four football teams in contention for the Super Bowl were acquired through the draft.

In worker terms, that means they were hired straight out of college and cultivated in-house by senior management.

The other half were originally drafted by another team or walked on undrafted.

In regular-world terms, that means they were poached from their competitors or just managed to impress upper management enough to (literally) make it to the big leagues.

In general, loyalty appears to count for a lot in three of the four top teams. About half of the players on the rosters of the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers still play for the team that drafted them.

The New York Jets live up to their hometown’s reputation as a magnet for aspiring, talented workers. Only 38 percent of the Jets were drafted by the organization, while 26 percent came from another team and a whopping 36 percent were undrafted.