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The tax man is moving online

Here’s a sure sign the Internet age has truly arrived -- and the Postal Service is really in trouble: Even the Internal Revenue Service is giving up on snail mail.

The IRS announced last week that it will no longer mail out tax packets. The packets contained forms, schedules and instructions for filing a paper income tax return.

Instead, taxpayers will be able to get their forms online or at local IRS offices, libraries and post offices, beginning in early January.

The IRS also has set up a website that provides options for free tax software, online forms and electronic filing. People who make under $49,000 a year or are over 60 can also take advantage of special services to help them with their taxes.

The tax collectors said they're making the move to save some money, and also because more people are filing electronically.

Last year, only 8 percent of taxpayers received a packet in the mail, according to the IRS. The rest used software or electronic filing service, or paid a professional to file the return.