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A giant, green monument to the credit crunch

Photo courtesy An Te Liu

Artist An Te Liu's monument to the mortgage mess is 36-feet by 44-feet.

Is it a metaphor? An attempt at irony? Or is it art?

According to Canadian artist An Te Liu, his life-sized Monopoly house is all three. Liu believes the mortgage mess "was caused by traders and bankers playing their games on Wall Street, so the common man was squeezed because of that."

So Liu constructed a monument called "Title Deed" to call attention to the crisis. The giant green house, built around a condemned home in Willowdale, Ont., looks nearly identical to the the board pieces of the iconic board game.

"Our homes are not necessarily what we think they are," Liu told the Britain's Daily Mail. "They are property just like in Monopoly to be remortgaged and used as collateral."